The Confident Healer

The Confident Healer

Learn from healers as they talk about being confident in their healing business. If you are healer and you aren't in business yet or have no plans to be in business, there is a lot of gold here for you, too! There is so much wisdom and comfort to gain--to learn that you are not alone on with your struggles and triumphs.

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S2E17 What is Reiki and how does Reiki/energy healing work?

April 18, 2022

So what is Reiki anyway, Sharmila? Well, I am so glad you asked because that’s what this week’s episode is about! I give many examples of how we experience energy in our everyday lives and we apply that to healing.  I also g…

S2E16How to Stop Absorbing Other People’s Energy

April 12, 2022

What are your best practices on how to stop absorbing other people’s energy?  Or are you trying to figure out that one yourself?This week, I walk you through 8-9 techniques that I use as part of my energy hygiene practices a…

Energetic Alchemy and Learning Reiki with Yolanda Williams

April 4, 2022

This week, we have a serene and gorgeous soul, Yolanda Williams, Self-Mastery Mentor, certified Reiki Master, and host of the Reiki Radio podcast. Like many people, Yolanda found Reiki because she was seeking a way to allevi…

Done Taking Shit from your Narcissistic Partner

April 1, 2022

Episode: Done Taking Shit from the Taking Care of Number F***ing One podcast Do not adjust your dial, you are in the right place! This is The Confident Healer podcast, it’s me Sharmila Mali. You are hearing different music a…

Ask the Akashic Records part 4

March 21, 2022

This is part 4 in the Akashic Record series, I am just having so much fun answering questions that you send me! We get answers to some great questions such as what is the energy for the week, and I answered a listener’s que…

Ask The Akashic Records Series 3

March 16, 2022

This is the 3rd episode in the Ask the Akashic Record Series. This episode centers around fear. Why fear? Because I had opened my Akashic Records and asked what would be the best subject for me and my listeners and it all ce…

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