April 14, 2021

Upcoming Bollywood dance show!

Upcoming Bollywood dance show!

silhouette of woman in Indian ornate doorway with red lighting with DWARAM in large letters

Some of you may be able to relate and some can't.  So I will start out relatable, we all need to move, most people feel great taking a walk, getting a nice stretch, and some people love to move it move it, running, hiking and camping for days or weeks, lifting weights, and dancing.

My secret wish has always been dancing. I wish I could have taken up dance at younger age like 10 or 5. When HIP HOP music entered my life, Break Dancing just lit me up. Of course, I thought, you had to be a natural at it, and I always looked stupid doing it. I didn't know you could take classes and that was something that wasn't in my sphere of awareness at the time.

But I wanted to be able to dance, and I didn't think I could. But one day, during my cousin's wedding, I did, and I didn't stop. And I was hooked and whatever club I could get into as a college student, I was there, 80s night, terrible industrial music night, even country line dancing! 

So many years later, I don't get to dance as often because I live in a small town. And miraculously, a dance studio opens up and I begin to take beginning Ballet, Bhangra, Bellydance, Bollywood, and Contemporary.

And while it was frustrating to follow steps and learn choreography, I stuck with it because it was so much fun, and the teachers are amaaaazeballs!

Dancing for me, is a way to get all my energy out, a way to express myself through my body when words won't work, it may be my Scorpio Moon, perhaps? But I am always happier afterward.  It moves stuck energy, gets me grounded and I get high, so high off the endorphins I produce, I feel soo, soo good!

Even when I am frustrated learning new choreography, it doesn't feel like work because I am using my body, riding the energy waves moving through me. And when you add music, wow, I become this character,

and depending on the music, it will evoke and touch upon memories, or because I am empathic, I feel the singer's energy and I emote through my body. 

When dancing with stars came out, I thought, meh, not into ballroom dancing but I will watch it and omg, right? It's a hit show because the live music, the dancers and the choreography is just mindblowing, watching all that fancy footwork, flash before your eyes and the ones that are there and discover they love it, well, it makes all the difference!

Since the lockdown, my dance studio went virtual, and I was there almost every day (that classes were offered) to take classes. Contemporary, had me rolling all over my dusty and cat hairy tile floor, hitting furniture with my foot at times but having so much fun and feeling so good.

I am so happy that we have an upcoming performance coming up on April 24th and it doesn't matter where you live, because you can watch it from anywhere you have an internet connection!

It's quite the production my dance teacher has in store, costumes, lighting and a beautiful doorway, it's called DWARAM, and it's an Indian and Bollywood production.  

Find out more here. 

I am so excited to perform some Bollywood songs!