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Uplifting gold!

Spiritually fulfilling!


I enjoyed listening and learning a few new things through this podcast! The range of topics is super interesting as well.

If you’re a healer, this podcast is essential.

I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for Sharmila Mali, and The Confident Healer podcast. I have always known that there is a very important energetic aspect to healing, but as my clients were improving, I was struggling to find balance in my own life, and I feared that I would burn out beyond the point of no return. Sharmila helped me understand that I didn’t have to do the work myself by taking on other’s trauma and pain, but that my job is to bring my higher vibration into the room, and use the tools at my disposal, which I knew so little about, to manage the energy. I have searched for information about how to do this, but most of what I have found is very general and not all that helpful. Sharmila’s integrity, authenticity, generosity, and humor, have helped me start to achieve the balance I have needed.

Episode 15

So heartfelt, hopeful, and healing. I can really relate to the roller coaster feeling of putting my self/work/words out there. Great analogy, Sharmila! “It’s gonna be fun!” We all hope. :) And thanks for giving voice to that “tap on the shoulder,” Shawna. I look forward to learning more about your (and your father’s) discoveries.