S1E2 Deepa Pulipati on Nuances of Confidence, Growing Up in India and Choosing Psychology

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S1E2--Deepa Pulipati, Executive & Leadership Coach, LMFT

This video is a series of short clips highlighting Deepa’s sense of humor at adversity, growing up in a South-Asian family, and talking about the nuances of confidence.

We get a therapist’s expertise about cultivating healthy self-confidence and self-esteem, and she was kind enough to share some of her struggles with confidence as an Indian immigrant making her way through graduate school in the U.S. You will find out some of the pitfalls that can lead to a lack of confidence, and she talks about solutions to build it back up.

I love Deepa's message that it’s never too late to have a strong sense of inner confidence even when your dreams and passions get tested.

This is just a short clip from an hour-long conversation, which you can listen to this episodes and more on my podcast website, https://www.theconfidenthealer.net/deepa-pulipati/

At the time of the recording, Deepa was in a professional transition from a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Mediator to an Executive and Leadership Coach.

Guest: Deepa Pulipati:
Executive and Leadership Coach, LMFT
Copied and pasted from https://www.tulacoach.com/ : In addition to being a coach, I am also a mother and a wife, a licensed family and marriage therapist, and a mediator. Originally from India, I have lived in the United States for close to twenty years. Though I live in the modern world, I have a deep respect and reverence for my roots. My ability to navigate different cultures, and my extensive experience working within the American court system, have afforded me a broader perspective as a coach. With more than fifteen years of professional experience working with a diverse community in San Francisco Bay Area, I bring a combination of expertise and acumen to my clients as they chart their paths to better self-esteem and bigger successes in their careers and their lives.

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Sharmila Mali is the host of The Confident Healer podcast and is a Self-Love Expert and Reiki Master Teacher that works with womyn who want to get over their ex.

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