April 12, 2022

S2E16How to Stop Absorbing Other People’s Energy

S2E16How to Stop Absorbing Other People’s Energy

What are your best practices on how to stop absorbing other people’s energy?  Or are you trying to figure out that one yourself?This week, I walk you through 8-9 techniques that I use as part of my energy hygiene practices and setting boundaries.  This i...

What are your best practices on how to stop absorbing other people’s energy?  Or are you trying to figure out that one yourself? This week, I walk you through 8-9 techniques that I use as part of my energy hygiene practices and setting boundaries.  This is really needed if you practice energy/Reiki healing, psychology, or in any healing art (including medical doctors).  This is great for empaths, and Highly Sensitive People (HSP). Implement some of these techniques, and you will feel so much lighter, the heaviness will dissipate and you will feel so much more expansive and comfortable in your own skin. This is a module I have taught in my past Reiki workshops and in my new 9 month Confident Healer Training Certification that starts in May.


-We are energy beings, we are emotional beings. -We are all empathic, we all have different levels of how much energy we take from others. -Why it’s important to have clean our energy and have boundaries. -This is something Sharmila teaches in her 9 month Confident Healer Training certification which starts in May. -Especially for empathic healers, energy healers, it’s very important to establish boundaries and know how to clear your energy, and how to stop absorbing other people’s stuff. -Imagine energy like shit, people emanate their shittiness by smearing it on the wall, and you walk in and you see and smell the shit. -That’s how our aura works, and that’s how it affects us, the stench of their shit affects you. -You can learn how to not absorb someone’s energy. -Give the conversation a time limit when you don’t want to spend too much time with the person. -Tip #1 ground yourself when you talk to this person. Hang up on them, and then call them back once you ground yourself. -Tip #2 do the 3 layers of protection from Fairy godmother Georgie Weston. -Tip #3: 1st layer of protection is a few inches or many feet in front of you, imagine something hard, like Teflon. -2nd layer of protection.  Make this layer another few inches or feet from the first layer, again, imaging a hard, protective layer, i.e. Teflon. -Imagine these layers like a cylinder around your body, this is your where your aura is. -3rd layer is another few inches or more surrounding the 2nd layer, and you imagine a puffy, pink cloud of unconditional love. -Tip #4 to cleanse your aura rake your area, spread your fingers like a rake, or imagine a rake and extend your arms and hands as far as you can and rake in front of you from top to bottom, your sides, and the back of your body. -Make sure you shake your hands with that energetic debris and shake off the energy with the intention of sending it to the earth to recycle. -Tip 5 being aware of any beliefs you have about helping someone, that you must take their pain away and you hold on to it, not realizing it. -Not being aware of your philosophy about taking on other people’s pain leads to burn-out, fatigue, and not wanting to do healing work anymore. -Tip #6: go to an energy healer to help clear your aura on a regular basis -Tip#7 Call in your divine guides, goddess, whatever deity you resonate it you call them in to hold space for you, you can do this per hour, or for the day, etc. -For agnostics and atheists, you can imagine a comfy chair for your people to sit in and lean on the arm of the chair instead of leaning on you. -You will still hold space for people, you can’t help it, but asking a divine entity to hold space for you, will relieve a lot of energy and you can keep 95% of your own energy, you don’t need to drain yourself anymore. -Calling in your Divine Guides, is like a prayer, you get into meditation and ask them to hold space. -Tip 8 take a salt bath, or salt scrub, or if you can get to the beach and get into the water by wading or taking a dip in the ocean. Salt cleanses the aura. -Practice these techniques for good energy hygiene and watch how much happier you feel by doing it. -Sharmila teaches these techniques in her 9-month Confident Healing training certification starting in May, grab the application on www.ojaireiki.com, and for more information contact info@ojaireiki.com -She is starting 2/month Reiki Soundbath, starting April 15, it will be 2nd and last Friday of each month, www.ojaireiki.com for more information -Grab your free Energy Hygiene checklist until the end of May 2022 from https://www.ojaireiki.com/theconfidenthealerpodcast

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